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3 in 1 Metal Pens

Introducing our three-in-one metal pens, which may be used for diverse purposes. Metal and plastic were used in its creation. The bright metal barrel of this multipurpose pen is its main feature. Three distinct colors are offered for this metal barrel. Red, blue, and black are among the colors. It has a barrel, a clip, and a black tip in addition to that. As a result, it makes the ideal metal promotional pen for businesses. The pen’s black clip can be used as a phone holder. As a result, it functions as a phone holder. This chic metal pen has a stylus attached so you can use it with cell phones. As a result, it handles three tasks concurrently.

These advertising pens with styluses are incredibly portable. As a result, holding it is simple. The laser marking and screen printing options for this promotional metal pen are also available. These promotional pens allow you to add your company’s logo with a stylus. The best corporate gift suppliers in the UAE have these goods. It can be used as a gift during marketing occasions like corporate campaigns.

  • Made of both metal and plastic.
  • Multipurpose pen.
  • Elegant and fashionable.
  • Best UAE suppliers of corporate gifts.
  • For logo imprinting, use screen printing and laser marking.
  • Light and simple to hold.
Printing Options
  • Laser Marking | Screen Printing


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